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4:19 pm - Sun, Jan 1, 2012
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Video: Neuman “I Have The Will”

“The Family Plot”

Murcia (Spain) - The new year 2012 I start with a truly amazing band and their touching and magic music: Neuman. 
Listening through their huge repertoire of two released albums yet, made me just saying wow, wow, eh no … fucking wow.
Settled down in the musically country of shoegaze and minimalistic post rock blowing these three guys from Murcia in Spain your mind away and having only a guitar, drums, a piano and wonderful vocals. 

(c) Neuman, 2011
Lovers of melancholic Indie ballads getting also an orgiastic feast of joy as folks who calling Alternative riffs and post rock their darlings, too. It’s incredible. You listen to one song of over one of Neuman and every fucking single track is an awesome and unique one and you think by yourself ‘how they doing this?’. Nothing gets repeated or stylistically cloned, every song sounds like an own individual masterpiece. The frontman Paco Roman’s falsetto voice fits perfectly to the strong melodic songs and gives them a fragile and poetic touch. The instrumental arrangements fitting to each others sounds like perfect puzzle pieces.
If I would now count on a bunch of well known musicians for giving a rough hint in which musically direction Neuman’s music goes, I had to list here bands and their charasteric traits which would describe this band’s style as ‘mixing various rock and pop elements to a perfect cocktail’. So I would name Snow Patrol and their haunting melodies, Shearwater and their deep melancholy, Oasis and their hymnal Britpop riffs …
All those traits does they have, too and this makes it to pure joy listening to Neuman’s songs. And despite these comparisions leaves a simple fact: Neuman is an unique and extraordinary brilliant band I must-must-must recommend on here, as everything else would be a sin.
Their recent released album is titled “The Family Plot”It is their second album after their debut “Plastic Heaven” and was published 2 months ago. As CD jewelcase the album gets out later this month (January 2012).
Some of their (many, many) beautiful songs I post here now as videos to give you an impression to what your mind collides when you start going on Spanish Indie rock journey with travel-goal Neuman. I would even call them “best found in 2012” if I wouldn’t have today 12 months of treasure hunt in the Indie-Jungle still ahead of me. And you know me … there will coming up more praises by my pen. But for today I give Neuman the prize having made my days with their wonderful music. And a good meant recommendation: go and listen their musicLOUD.

Neuman “Doggy”

Nota del blogger: He omitidos otros videos que se incluían en este artículo porque ya están puestos abajo de la página o en archivos.
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